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ooo I love the character art style on the woman! Reminds me of Spirited Away/Princess Mononoke and Moribito.

Please do more!

Is it the possibly unintended child of Sophia? The fight between Buddhism, Hinduism and Catholicism? Crucifixion of the subconscious collective mind? Do we truly WANT to be as Gods, wrapped in alien-ness and unable to see ourselves? Would it truly be that way? Delicious.

Marvelous. I look forward to the next installment with baited breath. This is simply one of the most diverting attachments I've ever come across. This is masterful work. I said it at the beginning, and no doubt I will say it at the end. Bravissimo. I am a sucker for symbology.

Haha. Sometimes the way Smile moves reminds me of an embryonic Archon.
thought-provoking fare, as usual. Nice touch to see Smile reflect on itself more.

And the end of this episode? Gorgeous. This series ought to be remembered by many.

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... the cardboard box lid is jammed. LOL.

So this is your first Unity effort, huh? Lookin' good, SD.
I think it would have been more ambient if you'd IMPLIED the cop though, rather than breaking immersion by rendering him like a Minecraft giant. ;)))

um, the controls suck. I can't use em. LEft-handed with a function deficit, trying to do a strictly-left-handed button press when you can't use your other hand for jumping or movement? not working. at all. try again, please. However, upgrading yourself ws fun! (I'm a transhumanist, occasionally, so I get the point from the comments.) like the music... the little sound effects are like farts though... ew.

Oh my god I will be playing a lot of this. GOLD.

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mmm jazzypop. delicious. reminds me of Primordia.

Ah, that one shrill middle bit in between harmonies is a bit too shrill for my ears, but still the overall effect is a nice one. Reminds me a bit of Yume Nikki, and Chrono Cross. ah, Chrono Cross... mmm

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the review. I've never listened to Chrono Cross or Yume Nikki OST's, but I will definitely check it out.

oo the bass jars you awake, doesn't it? ;) nice.

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I like! Her mood is perfect. And her large mouth is all business. Her eyes are piercing and direct. nice.

Reminds me of Archetype Kosmos a little bit. The navel's too high though.

Haha. Should have been ONE BOWL TO RULE THEM ALL.
still a goodie, even in 2019.

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Man, I wish I 'd found that contest back when it was on. ;(

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