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OHHH It's like butter now! So proud of the trailer rework! SO PROUD. It flows so well and it's AWESOME! ;)))) All the elements work so well together and there's no choppiness. Mmmm.

You'll get better responses now, definitely. Excellent work! I am blown away by how cool it is. Makes me wanna play it so bad now. I wanted to before, but now I NEED to. And THAT is what you want to go for with a trailer like this. The flow is what makes it, no question. So so good. Glad my minor editorial contribution helped out. That it turned out this well? Makes my day, man. Makes my day. Love this.

One minor note on the Author Comments:
WHOSE should be who've or who have. ;) gotta try to catch that type of case/usage/whatever error especially, no matter if it's in the actual game, the trailer or the Author Comments. It's even more imperative to have no errors in the Author Comments, as that is the main block of text people see right off the bat. ;) It's your face, so to speak. ;)

Anyway, have I said great job? ;) GREAT JOB.

Alucard responds:

Thanks, I need to fix that grammar in all sites now xDDD
You will be receiving the sequel pre-script when/if I make it, so you can add more things and help with the grammar!
I won't forget what you did, thank you so much for the help!
I'll keep in touch ;)

Ah, body horror. Why can't I reconcile the part of myself that watches this stuff with the rest of me? I must still be weak.

Nasty. But, very good composition. And, you say... hair gel? nice.

I prefer shows where good wins, but hey. I still watched Lair of the White Worm (yes) and Night of the Creeps. Also The Falling/Alien Predator (1987).

jellyeyes responds:

I loved Lair of the White Worm , I just checked out the trailers for the other two and I think they are right up my alley.

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Her ass cheek perspective seems wrong... like, foreground v. background? Usually, in perspective, the body part closest to the front, to the viewer, is the largest, while the other is smaller... Anyway, mmmm. The area BEFORe the giant flower was assery. Liked the flower though. ;)

211 edit
oh man that was brutal bro. GOOD JOB! haha. But the serious tone of the first one was lost. Are you sure the humor didn't detract? If not, well, this was fun! oh man I am too old for platformers... timed sequences fry my nerves like nothing else! ;) haha. the ending was funny.

For Next Time, a few thoughts:

1. no timed sequences- or at least make them easier for those of us who have cognitive deficits and need time to catch up. You ain't doin our nerves any favors.
2. MORE STORY! maybe a bit of story between every few levels? ;) pretty please? like, some back-story between her and her... father person?
3. there was a LOT of lag during Guiding Light and onward. I was gritting my teeth trying to make sure the game would function during the timed sequences. OUCH. my brain is mush, and not in a healthy way.

anyway, Fun!

Is this spam?

edit, 4619:
Okay, so, it's you, the black blobs are what though? I understand your Experimental -and Hyper-Minimalist!!!- direction, (a theme and style which is rarely distasteful to me) here, since I read that other post. I figured that was what it was, anyway... perhaps I just don't have the vision right now to understand you. Which is okay... just know that I am a depressed person too. Maybe I just missed it because I am too close to the problem. ;) I love games like KOLM, Color My World, Tainted Olive, pixel games, anything that is existential and fantastic. Focus on your theme, build it with your visuals, outline it with your words. ;) Giving you more stars now that I have understood your point as much as I can. Although you DO need to explain better. And I don't mean with words.

Try to elaborate a tad more with the visuals and I think you're golden. Also make it so we can actually SEE the interact-able objects? Way too small to distinguish explanatory details.

LeviRamirez responds:


this is love.

also this makes me want to make fried green tomatoes now. CURSE YOU.

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mmm jazzypop. delicious. reminds me of Primordia.

Ah, that one shrill middle bit in between harmonies is a bit too shrill for my ears, but still the overall effect is a nice one. Reminds me a bit of Yume Nikki, and Chrono Cross. ah, Chrono Cross... mmm

ZeroDigitZ responds:

Thanks for the review. I've never listened to Chrono Cross or Yume Nikki OST's, but I will definitely check it out.

oo the bass jars you awake, doesn't it? ;) nice.

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Haha. Should have been ONE BOWL TO RULE THEM ALL.
still a goodie, even in 2019.

Gildor Bran
Merry K
Wake'r Entwife
Legolas Charms
Bombadil Jacks
Honey Nut Nazgul
Aragorn Flakes
Denethor Crunch
Gandalf Puffs
Elrond Smacks
Pippin's Frosted Mini-Orcs
Fruity Palantir
Cocoa Silmarils
Honey Bunches of Goblins
Cinnamon Toast Smeagols

Man, I wish I 'd found that contest back when it was on. ;(

Oh hey, it's like The Stuff. Cool. What kills it? Acid? Fire? Wild parties of Star Trek binging and Rickrolling? Cold, like in the original Blob?

... everyone run it's Dagna.

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